Live Deliberately!

Beliefs create your experiences.

Manage them with ease.

What Is The Avatar Course?

Create, Explore & Live Deliberately

The Avatar Course is a series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve.

You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. No one will tell you what to believe or who you are.

It’s you finding out about you.

The Avatar Course


Understanding Comes Easily Through Experience

Here are some exercises you can do right now.

Compassion Exercise

Objective: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.
Expected Results: A personal sense of peace.


This & That Exercise

Objective: To demonstrate the effect of changing viewpoint.
Expected Results: Insights, increase in responsibility.


Expansion Exercise

Objective: To convey an experience of expansion and integration.
Expected Results: Insights, reconciliation.


"Life is getting better and even better"

Dan and Melissa, I wanted to personally write you, to thank you for inviting me to the Avatar Course. Prior to Avatar I identified as a highly sensitive person (empath). I found myself having anxiety, overwhelm and deliberately not attending social functions for fear I would burst into tears, uncontrollably. I wanted to connect but just didn't know how without becoming overwhelmed. Even with meditation and spiritual indoctrination, it was a struggle to manage my experiences.
The Avatar tools not only work, they have given me confidence to feel and create my experiences deliberately. 
Life is getting better and even better.  Now I have a language to share with others.  The support from all of the Avatar network is incredible, loving and allows for each person to experience, where they are. 
I now look forward to being a contributing enlightened being, helping to raise the vibration of our planet, one precious human at a time. 
Let's keep growing and expanding!
Love, Frances Graham

How Do You Want To Create Your Experience?

The Avatar Path

Reading The Avatar Path is an easy start to learning about consciousness. Through stories and contemplations you can explore how beliefs, consciousness and awareness work.

The Avatar Path

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Harry Palmer, creator of the Avatar materials has published many 30 minute talks exploring different aspects of the Mind, Source Beingness and Humanity.

Here's a 5-minute excerpt from one of our favorites:

See all the public talks here.


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The Avatar Course for managing your beliefs

Help Increase Compassion In The World

The Avatar Compassion Project is increasing the amount of compassion in the world.

Millions of Compassion Cards have been given to people all over the planet.

You can get your set of cards to hand out here.

And here is a photo of the Compassion Exercise you can immediately share with your family and friends:

Avatar Compassion Card

Avatar compassion project

About us

Melissa Cantrelle, Avatar Master for the Avatar Course
Melissa Cantrelle

Licensed Avatar Master

I have always been interested in personal growth. I explored management consulting, life coaching and raw foods. When I found Avatar I knew I had come home to powerful tools for creating real, lasting change.

Dan Coppersmith, Avatar Master for the Avatar Course
Dan Coppersmith

Licensed Avatar Master

I went from the world of semiconductor test engineering to a career in artistry, poetry, healing, and helping others awaken. Avatar was the catalyst and is the ongoing support for me to deliberately create and enjoy life, on my terms.


"You deserve to experience your creation of you in all its wonder."

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

We are located in Portland, Oregon. We travel often to Orlando, Florida and other areas of the USA to deliver The Avatar Course.