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About Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer is the creator of The Avatar Course and founder of Star's Edge International®, the seminar management corporation that supervises the delivery of the Avatar Materials.


For 40 years the visionary ideas behind the Avatar Materials incubated in the mind of Harry Palmer. Like many of us, Harry had occasional glimpses into the patterns that creation seemed to follow, but for Harry Palmer, a glimpse wasn't enough. In 1976, Harry resigned his tenured teaching position and began what was to become a decade of study and investigation of consciousness.

Harry is an accomplished man, without pretensions or any magical airs, but with a certain deep-seated calm and a warm and quick sense of humor. Harry does not look or act like anyone's "guru", or a new-age entrepreneur, although he could easily fill either role. He tends to wear t-shirts and running shoes and is usually in the middle, though not necessarily the focus, of the excitement. He prefers incisive simplicity to any charismatic drama.

(excerpted with permission from Living Deliberately)

In 1986 Harry created a self-evolvement course that equipped people with the tools to explore consciousness to its very limits - from the most fixed, opinionated reality to the broad expansiveness of source awareness. Since that time the course has spread to more than 72 countries, has been translated into 21 languages and has produced tens of thousands of graduates.

Since their discovery, the efficiency and effectiveness of the Avatar Materials have been clarified and refined, but their underlying purpose remains unchanged: to teach people an effective technique for improving their lives according to their own self-generated blueprint.

(excerpted with permission from The Avatar Path)

As Harry said, "One of the things that I have learned from life, is that service to others, if it is done well and within a viable economic context, is contagious. Help someone; show kindness, and the next thing you know they are figuring out how to pass it on to someone else. That's my strategy for contributing to an enlightened planetary civilization®. I intend to create, within a viable economic context, an epidemic of compassion."

Harry Palmer Creator of the Avatar Course

Is there a truth for Harry Palmer?

I don't know. There are facts. A fallen tree is a fact. Maybe even a truth. The problem is to assess why it fell. One thinks it is because of a storm. Another believes it had rootrot. A third holds the opinion that it was eaten from the inside by insects. And everyone will find indications for his being right. But what is the truth? As soon as we ask for a "why," we get beliefs instead of the truth.

People think beliefs are facts. For some, it may seem like a fact that one person is better than another person. Of course it is just a belief. But people hold on to it with a force that causes a lot of problems.

My solution is this: if we see that we experience what we believe, and if we allow ourselves somewhat more uncertainty, then we don't lock ourselves up in one truth for the rest of our lives – a truth that makes us intolerant toward people who hold another truth. Then we are no longer prisoners, but explorers.

"Knowing" is another word for believing that you are right. You define what is real. But at the same time, you shut the door for other possibilities. And for other visions. I think we can better enjoy each other's beliefs than fight over them.


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Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar Materials


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"You deserve to experience your creation of you in all its wonder."
Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

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