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Melissa Cantrelle and Dan Coppersmith are the Licensed Avatar Masters of Avatar Explorers. We live in Vancouver, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon and travel often to teach the Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida. Here are our stories of how we became Avatar Masters.


Melissa Cantrelle, Licensed Avatar Master

About Melissa Cantrelle
Licensed Avatar Master

Melissa became an Avatar Master in June 2013 and has been on a fast track of increasing growth and responsibility to the Avatar Courses ever since.  She is a vibrant, joyful presence that meets you wherever you are and reminds you of your true Source beingness within. 

Here’s her story of reluctantly and then exuberantly finding her path and purpose with Avatar:

I was interested in Avatar ever since I got together with Dan, but I also resisted it.  I projected that it would be like all the other self-development workshops I had been to: large hotel ballroom, lots of people, speakers selling me the next course from the stage, rah-rah-rah and tools that only work on some parts of my life some of the time.  I was tired of that game and I wasn’t open to seeing that Avatar might be different.

Thankfully, Dan’s daughter Selina has been my catalyst for my involvement with Avatar.  First, she wanted to take the course and her special circumstances required that Dan deliver it to her and me at our home.  I didn’t have to get over my objections about the hotels, large groups of people, and projections on the Star’s Edge network.  I got to experience the Avatar tools and I had some amazing transformations in my life.  But I didn’t keep using the tools or engage in the support network.

Then Selina did the Masters Course, Pro Course and Wizards Course all in one year.  While she and Dan were at the Wizards Course I finally felt like I really wanted to go too and I was willing to “jump through the hoops” of going to the Masters Course just so I could go to Wizards.

My first day of the Masters Course was my first experience of the Star’s Edge network.  I was amazed at the purity of the intentions, the empowering love, the safe space, and the encouragement for me to stretch and grow beyond my own self-imposed limitations. I felt like I was a solar-powered generator finally turned on and plugged into a network where I could finally fulfill my life purpose.  All my previous projections were blown away by the experience of a network fully dedicated to loving precious humanity and creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

In all the ways I have worked to fulfill my life purpose – management consulting, life coaching, workshops and teaching – I have always tried to empower people to take charge of the tools and create their lives the way they desire.  Now with the Avatar materials and Star’s Edge network, we have all the structure, tools and support required to achieve that self-empowerment.  And it keeps getting better and better!


Dan Coppersmith, Licensed Avatar Master

About Dan Coppersmith
Licensed Avatar Master

Dan has been an Avatar Master since 1997.  He is a stable, soft presence that you can feel even when you are not gazing directly into his eyes. 

Here’s his story of how he found Avatar and why he chooses to continue to use the tools and teach the course:

My third marriage falling apart was the proverbial 2×4 that got my attention. For the first time in my life I started to question my beliefs.

I recognized that I was doing everything I thought I was “supposed to” and it clearly wasn’t working.  I worked hard, I paid the bills, I mowed the lawn twice a week, I was a nice guy.  But clearly I was still missing something.

I was in a Whole Foods in Dallas, looking through their library and I came across a book called Living Deliberately that caught my attention. I read the jacket, paid my 15 bucks and took it home and read it.

It resonated with me so much that I searched on the Internet and found the next course in Colorado. I signed up for it even though I had never heard of Avatar, I didn’t know anybody who had gone through it, I didn’t really know anything about it, I just felt called to do it.

My life has never been the same. My mind was opened in ways I never thought possible.  It definitely exceeded anything my imagination could have come up with.

After more than 15 years, Avatar continues to be the tools I choose to use, and the Avatar network continues to earn my trust and respect. It is filled with close friends from all over the planet.

The Avatar Course is still the easiest, fastest, and most effective way I know to change your life and deliberately create it your way. It is a sacred gift. This is why I teach it.


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We are located in Portland, Oregon. We travel often to Orlando, Florida and other areas of the USA to deliver The Avatar Course.