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Avatar Course Descriptions

The Avatar Course is a 9-day self-empowerment training that is made of 3 sections. All 3 sections are often taken together as the full 9-day Avatar Course. Some people choose to start with Section 1, the ReSurfacing Weekend Workshop before proceeding on to the other sections of the course.


Section 1 of the Avatar Course: ReSurfacing Weekend Workshop

The ReSurfacing Weekend Workshop introduces you to 30 exercises for self exploration and living deliberately. In solo explorations and small group exercises you will get to experience concepts and tools for living deliberately including attention, will, beliefs, identity, compassion, and source beingness.

As you explore you will get to determine for yourself the relationship between your beliefs and experiences and uncover the blueprint by which you have created your current life. The journey results in an intimate connection with a deeper, more compassionate and aware state of self.

Cost: $295 + $50 for the Power Up Plus Pack of books



Avatar ReSurfacing Weekend Workshop

Section 2: The Exercises

Section 2 of the Avatar Course immediately follows the ReSurfacing Weekend and shifts into a self-paced exploration of experiencing reality without judgment, separation or distortion. With the section 2 exercises you increase your skills at perception, experiencing and creating.

In the 4 to 5 days of Section 2, you deepen your understanding and control of how your beliefs are creating your reality and you quiet the mind into a relaxed state of awareness that is more of the real YOU.

Cost: $500



Graduating from the Avatar Course

Section 3: The Rundowns

After you have developed the creation skills of section 2, you are ready for the discreate tools in section 3. Section 3 begins with an introduction and sacred initiation to the ability to discreate the things that hinder your ability to operate in the world as a source being.

In the 1 to 2 days of Section 3, you use the discreate tools to complete solo rundowns that allow you to address body sensations, limitations, interpersonal conflicts, persistent conditions, compulsions and collective consciousness beliefs.

At the end of Section 3 you graduate as an Avatar: a being with the ability to create and discreate reality with ease.

"The rundowns identify and release the tentacles of the past, and you come effortlessly into a deep level of the present. The present rather than the past now shapes who you are and what you choose to experience. In this state, you act intuitively, are motivated by high principles, and operate from an awareness that is independent of self."
Harry Palmer

Cost: $1500


The cost of the 9-day Avatar Course is the sum of all 3 sections: $2295 + $50 for the Power Up Plus Pack of books.



Avatar Graduate Becca

Advanced Avatar Courses

After successful completion of The Avatar Course, you may be eligible to take the Avatar Masters Course. Upon completion of the Masters Course you can take any of the other advanced courses and you may intern to teach the Avatar Course.

For the advanced Avatar Courses listed below, your first review of the course is free and any subsequent reviews are at a per diem rate (currently at $40 a day). This makes attending the advanced courses an easy way to stay fresh with the Avatar tools and connected with the world-wide support network of Avatar Masters.

"I keep going to the Avatar Courses because the tools continue to work! I like having a dedicated time and a safe space to work with friends, old and new, to clean up any patterns that have surfaced and any impeding beliefs that have crept in. I always come home with way more free attention to direct on whatever I currently choose to create."
Dan Coppersmith



Avatar Advanced Courses

The Masters Course

The Avatar Masters Course is 9 days and gives you the tools to be a licensed Avatar Master who can deliver the Avatar Course. Even if you never plan on teaching Avatar, taking the Masters Course helps you to further integrate the tools you got at the Avatar Course and gives you new tools for managing discouragement, handling transparent identities, and empowering others.

Where the Avatar Course is focused on gaining control over your own universe, the Masters Course enables you to easily interact with other people's universes. The tools and skills presented at the Masters Course have profound impacts for our abilities to contribute to the awakening of others and the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization®.

Pre-requisite is The Avatar Course and an invitation from your Avatar Master. Learn more about the Avatar Masters Course


The Professional Course

The Avatar Professional Course is a 7-day course that happens once a year in the USA. During this course you learn to melt hidden resistances in your space, more deeply connect with others, and develop skills to authentically lead and present to groups without getting caught in an identity.

Pre-requisite is The Masters Course. Learn more about the Avatar Pro Course



Avatar Masters Course

The Wizards Course

The Avatar Wizards Course is a 13-day course that happens once a year and thousands of Avatar Masters from all around the world make it a high priority to attend. Here you learn the concepts, tools and skills for working at the level of the collective consciousness, while gracefully handling deep patterns of your own life blueprint.

"The word Wizard refers to an Avatar Master who has acquired such an understanding and command over creation that his or her abilities appear magical or supernatural."
Harry Palmer

Pre-requisite is The Masters Course. Learn more about The Wizards Course


Avatar Wizards Course

Schedule of Courses

The Avatar Course is available throughout the year in Orlando, Florida. These are International courses with students attending from across the globe. 

The Resurfacing Weekend (section 1 of the Avatar Course) is also offered in a smaller setting locally.

We invite you to come and learn the tools of Avatar in a safe, comfortable, caring environment.

Schedule of International Courses


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"You deserve to experience your creation of you in all its wonder."
Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

We are located in Portland, Oregon. We travel often to Orlando, Florida and other areas of the USA to deliver The Avatar Course.