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Avatar Course FAQ

What Is the Mission of Avatar?

The mission of Avatar in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems.

When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue.


Where Did The Avatar Course Come From?

An educator named Harry Palmer created Avatar in 1986. He wanted to present a training program that people would find valuable. “Our intention,” he states in his ReSurfacing textbook, “is that the people we train and license to deliver The Avatar Course charge money (not worship nor homage nor admiration, but currency alone) for their valuable service, and that they charge enough that Avatar continues to expand….”

For 40 years the visionary ideas behind the Avatar Materials incubated in the mind of Harry Palmer. Like many of us, Harry had occasional glimpses into the patterns that creation seemed to follow, but for him a glimpse wasn’t enough. In 1976, Harry resigned his tenured teaching position and began what was to become a decade of study and investigation into how consciousness works.

Today, few who fair-mindedly study Harry Palmer’s techniques can doubt the profound effect that his writings are having on the collective consciousness of the world. Harry’s writings have been translated into 20 languages, and his business model has had a major impact on the personal-development seminar industry.

How Does Avatar Work?

Avatar works through belief management. You can use its tools to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the pattern of your life.

Your own beliefs are actually the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive and how you perceive it; they influence your thoughts, your expectations, and your actions. They shape your personality. They even effect the outcome of your actions and the way that others perceive you and respond to you.

Avatar helps you explore "behind the scenes" of your existence and discover the un-inspected, unconsciously-held beliefs that are causing your life to be as it is.

What Makes Avatar Different?

Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, Avatar awakens you to a natural ability you already have to create and discreate beliefs. With this skill, you can restructure your life according to the blueprint that you determine.

One discovery many people on The Avatar Course make is that what you are believing is less important than the fact that you are believing it. Avatar empowers you to realize that there aren't "good" beliefs and "bad" beliefs. There are only the beliefs that you wish to experience and the beliefs you prefer not to experience. You create an experience of yourself as the source, or creator, of your beliefs. From that place, it is very natural and easy to create the beliefs you prefer.

Is Avatar a Religion?

Avatar is not a religion. There are no members. Graduates of The Avatar Course belong to all religions and there is no effort to convert anybody's beliefs to anything else. The Avatar Course is a straightforward self-development course that comes unencumbered by beliefs, sect memberships, or any quasi-religious rites. For these reasons, it is the high point of the human potential movement. Its graduates are quick to agree, “It is the most powerful, purest self-development program available at any price.”

Is Avatar Like Scientology?

Avatar is not Scientology. Harry Palmer has done independent study of subjects including Oriental religions, Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, Scientology, and world history. Here is Harry's description of how the Avatar Course evolved (from The Avatar Path, Chapter 18):

In 1986, the trainers and I had just come out of a ten-year stint of poverty working 60 and 70 hour weeks for a religious organization, which for one reason and another, I had lost faith in. That's another whole story, but the point is I was tired of manipulative religions, hypocritical ministers, and non-profit organizations, especially the non-profit part.

Actually, I had drifted away from that organization several years before the other trainers, and I was quietly waiting for them to either confirm my skepticism or to renew my faith. Well, you know how that went.

... The silver lining was that this state of affairs led me back to my study of eastern philosophy and into sensory deprivation research, all of which eventually came together in the creation of The Avatar Course. I've pretty well covered this period in the book "Living Deliberately."

Is Avatar Like Mindfulness or Meditation?

As Harry describes in chapter 19 of The Avatar Path:

Yes and no. It produces the same type of mental stillness that meditation produces, but it does so in a more interesting and much faster way. It's like meditation in that it is about gaining mastery of the mind - allowing the mind to still - but Avatar does it playfully without the struggle or confrontation. It's the difference between opening a safe by prying the door off or by using the combination. Avatar is the combination.

Does Everyone Like Avatar?

No. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the way Star’s Edge does about personal responsibility. It is a complex issue that has motivated an occasional press attack on Avatar. Some individuals, organizations, and even countries, develop extreme psychological domination over people’s lives. Psychologists call this dominance/submission a form of co-dependency. When the victim of such a relationship increases personal responsibility, the dominating partner—or organization, or country—is threatened, i.e., personal growth on the part of the victim threatens the status quo. From the dominator’s point of view, Avatar is a threat—something to be decried as dangerous and to be avoided. Such people have even made the accusation that Avatar is a brainwashing cult. Ironically, those making the accusation are usually guilty of the offense themselves.

One young German woman who left her boyfriend after taking the course describes her decision to leave as, “waking up and realizing I was trapped in a unhappy relationship.” But her boyfriend claims she was brainwashed. Even though completely untrue, the local press found the boyfriend’s story attention grabbing and immediately sensationalized Avatar as a “dangerous brainwashing cult.”

“We don’t brainwash people,” explained an Avatar spokeswoman. “Just the opposite. We help people to recognize limiting beliefs that they may not have accepted voluntarily or may not even be aware of. We show them how to change their beliefs if they choose. We don’t tell people what to believe nor do we put forth any beliefs as true beliefs. We only help people to make a connection between the consequences they are experiencing in life and the beliefs that they hold. Avatar teaches personal responsibility.

“Ask yourself, what kind of a person labels increased awareness and personal responsibility as dangerous?”

What Can I Expect From The Avatar Course?

The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and to equip you with the tools to modify those things that you wish to change. The Avatar Course opens a window to the inner workings of your own consciousness.

The course teaches world lessons (experiential) rather than word lessons (intellectual). For this reason it requires a trained Avatar Master to guide you into the actual lessons already contained in your own consciousness.

Why does Avatar training stress world lessons over word lessons? Why is it in person and not online?

As described in The Avatar Path:

Generally speaking, lessons affect you in some way: You get smarter, or faster, happier, or more skillful. A world lesson impacts you physically with effort and motion, triggers emotional reactions, and then, as you work it through, or think it over later, it affects you intellectually.

A world lesson is something that you live through and sort out. You remember it, because it makes sense within the context of your life. You have confidence in it, because it is rooted in your own experience. It becomes an element in your future decisions. It changes attitude and behavior.

A word lesson mainly affects your intellect, and usually ends there. It seldom has any effect physically or emotionally. It does not arise from any experience that you have had. A word lesson is something that someone else sorted out. A word lesson can leave you knowing what the right choices are, but still compulsively making the wrong choices. In the worst case, a word lesson leads to shame and self-loathing rather than self-improvement.

To avoid depression and poor results, self-improvement lessons need to be conveyed experientially rather than intellectually. They need to be understood in the context of your life rather than in the context of a belief system. They need to be taught as skills rather than as revealed secrets. It is unlikely that you will change your life simply by reading or listening.

Will It Work For Me?

As described in The Avatar Path:

Most of the people who sign up with a Master for the Avatar training have the goal of improving their lives. Social connections and intellectual curiosity may be factors in their decision, but the tipping point is: "Will it work for me?"

This is not always a question that an Avatar Master can answer. Showing someone how to use a tool, even when the presentation includes many hours of drilling and exercises, will not always turn out a successful or motivated craftsman. Verifying that the tools work for others is still not an answer to, "Will it work for me?"

The real answer to this question is a question in reply, "What are you willing to change?"

Resisting is not letting something make an impression on you, experiencing is allowing something to make an impression on you. You have probably heard the legendary proverb, "What you resist persists." You also should hear, "When you DELIBERATELY experience what you are REALLY resisting, TRUE wisdom arises."

Are the results of Avatar permanent?

As described in The Avatar Path:

That is up to you. Life is change. I don't think you would be happy with any state of mind or experience that never changed. Avatar is more about managing change than stopping it. The expected results of The Avatar Course are skills using a set of tools. Skills tend to last a long time. I can still ride a bike, still swim, and these are things that I learned long ago.

What Are The Course Hours Like?

For all 9 days of the Avatar Course, the hours are 9am to 7pm with an hour and a half lunch break.

There are no designated breaks - you can take breaks whenever you like and eat snacks whenever you like.

Because you are freeing attention as you go through the group and solo exercises, most people have more and more energy as the course progresses, feeling (and looking) more refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

How Much Does Avatar Cost?

The 9-day Avatar Course can be divided into 3 sections. All 3 sections are often taken together as the full 9-day Avatar Course. Some people choose to start with Section 1, the ReSurfacing Weekend Workshop before proceeding on to the other sections of the course.

Section 1, the ReSurfacing Weekend Workshop is 2 days and costs $295 + $50 for the Power Up Plus Pack of books

Section 2 is 4-5 days and costs $500

Section 3 is 1-2 days and costs $1500

The cost of the 9-day Avatar Course is the sum of all 3 sections: $2295 + $50 for the Power Up Plus Pack of books.

Learn more about the Avatar Course Sections here

Where Is Avatar Offered?

The Avatar Course is taught all around the world in 72 countries.

In the United States, the full Avatar Course is available several times a year in Orlando, Florida. These are International courses with students attending from across the globe. 

The Resurfacing Weekend (section 1 of the Avatar Course) is also offered in a smaller setting locally.

We invite you to come and learn the tools of Avatar in a safe, comfortable, caring environment.

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"You deserve to experience your creation of you in all its wonder."
Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

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